Ways To Dress Up Your Walls

There is nothing better than a blank canvas.  The same can be said for your walls in your home.  When we move into a home we are presented with a blank canvas of sorts, empty rooms, bare floors and nothing that will make the rooms stand out.  When you look at these walls and envision what they can become, there may be a little drywall repair casper needed to ensure that everything is ready for your inspiration.


The first option is paint.  With paint you have a wide array of options and colors.  To start with you will want to prime the walls with a primer.  A primer is a dark color paint that will allow your color to stick better and not have your walls bleed through.  When applying paint you can apply it to the entire wall, do a splatter pattern for unique looks and even do an accent wall.  Paint is very versatile and with some time and patience, you can create a unique look.

drywall repair casper


Wallpaper is a little outdated in some respects, but if you find the right pattern or if you find something that will stick out then you can create a unique look for a room.  When using wallpaper, consider using it in a bathroom or in a room that just needs a little character. 


Once you have created your basic walls with paint or paper you can start to personalize it with pictures.  Pictures are great to show people who you are, can share your life and more.  When hanging pictures you want to hang them eye level with the tallest person in the home.  This way it will seem uniform in the house.  Another option is to have staggered photos.  This can be done when walking up a staircase or when creating a point of interest.

No matter what you do or what you want to create, take your time and make sure that you put in the effort to make your home a showpiece.

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