3 Signs You Need a Tooth Pulled

Your teeth are in constant motion, developing and growing continuously from the moment you get your first tooth. As a child, cavities may be more common as you master your oral hygiene and discover new techniques to keep teeth healthy. Tooth decay can be managed by a dentist, keeping teeth intact and making sure your smile is beautiful throughout your developmental stages.

As you get older, though, teeth may succumb to more serious issues and will need to be extracted in order to maintain your oral health. In general, you should visit the dentist at least once a year to avoid oral health issues and keep your teeth clean. Dentists can also spot a myriad of issues, some of which may require tooth extraction near me shorewood.


Teeth that are impacted have not grown into the right position, which makes them uncomfortable. When there is not enough space in the mouth, it becomes crowded and teeth may not be able to fully erupt through the gums. To prevent this, dentists will remove teeth so that patients have more room. This may also be performed before patients receive orthodontic treatment.


Damage to teeth, such as tooth decay, can often be treated. However, severe or extensive damage may not be able to be treated and the tooth will need to be pulled. When this occurs, the tooth is deemed unsalvageable and must be extracted to prevent damage from occurring to other teeth.


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When a tooth becomes infected and it spreads to the pulp, a root canal is often recommended. There are times, though, when a root canal will not salvage the tooth and it much be removed. Infections can be serious, especially if they are not treated, so make sure you share concerns about infections with your dentist.

You can have a gorgeous smile even when teeth are removed, as extractions are sometimes necessary. Speak with your dentist about your dental health and how to maintain or restore it.